Saturday, February 08, 2014


Following the invisible order behind the visible chaos.

Until they run out of trees to chop down to supply the demand for firewood.

Then they will have to collapse and become colder since there is no more heat to sustain expansion.

the power of life and death...positive and negative

Take a byte of the forbidden fruit of logic and gain awareness of 1 and 0

something and nothing

Truth and lies

Positive and negative

Be forced by the invisible order to follow a path they do not want to ever follow.

Buy is go or green and sell is stop or red

buy is fly up to heaven and sell is fall down to hell.

Buy hello

Sell goodbye

Bulls are yes or 1

Bears are no or 0

positive 1

and negative 1

I'm zero when you add me up to find what side I'm on.

The bulls are the gradual absolute capitalists or Liberals

The bears are the violent absolute capitalists or conservatives.

Hot and cold.

White and Black

The Supply of power and the Demand for power.

Well Hot is the supply of the demand by cold that wants to be Hot while Hot needs to be Hot in order for cold to be supplied with what it wants.

But hot is not the actual supply of power.

Or cause of the effect.

The effect you believe is the cause.

The visible chaos is the effect of the cause which is the invisible order behind the visible chaos of the effect.

Sorry but according to recorded history...You have all never been aware of Truth.

Recorded history is powered by ignorance of Truth being positively reinforced.

Of course not very well due to the fact that a lie can not be turned into Truth.

Since Truth is the supply of power and lies are the demand for power.

But Truth is the one lie to rule them all.

The word is not the supply of power...It is the demand for power.

But Truth has the most power and is hot....All the rest of the lies masquerading as Truth depend upon Truth to sustain their existence and are cold.

Or a more powerful lie that supplies a less powerful lie.

Like a power plant and a light bulb.

A powerful cherished delusion you all worship deeply...As long as it's a positive reward for doing so.

If the reward is will resist claiming you are will claim you are irresponsible.



100% childish...psychopathological...Good thing there are Good psychopaths and evil psychopaths.

more powerful lies and less powerful lies masquerading as more powerful lies.

Babies are not very good liars so they have to appear to be good looking without effort.

Like baby seals.

Polar bears look sweet and lovable until the lifting of the veil or if you cross the event horizon of the black hole and are annihilated.

The fear you all have of being caught is so obvious.


The only defence you all have against revelation of Truth or knowledge of your ignorance.

Is to maintain positive reinforcement of ignorance which is bliss as long as you can sustain it.

The belief you are getting away with what you foolishly think you are getting away with.

Supply power to sustain ignorance...the lie masquerading as truth...or knowledge...or bliss.

The positive 1 powered by creation of the negative 1.

The fire powered by the trees...The cold sucking the life from the trees to sustain it's existence.

Until the trees run out...or the maximum potential to power a lie masquerading as Truth is reached.

and then the lie that is white hot begins turning to black coldness...or the negative 1 when it is powered by the negative 1.

The spreading yield starvation is global now and you all are self destructing...faster and faster.

Yes me faster as well but I should have been not even been born...That Is how I'm such a good judge of the bad judgements.

There was a fantasy stage and a reality or nightmare stage.

In oppositional defiance or the zero point...Like the space the Earth exists in that all our bodies exist in.

The absolute zero point below that is cold...Death...and there is a too hot point...where there is more power than our bodies can handle and they are gone.

Not too close and not too far...

You want to be where it is perfect to close to perfect as you can get.

Like dogs and cats when they are licking up antifreeze to keep warm...they are devout worshipers of the just think positive ignore negative religion.

Until it becomes impossible to ignore the false profit.

Philip with heroin in the big apple

Basically dementia is an effect as far as I can tell that is due to exposure to what is not wanted.

The dementia is an immune response to Truth.

Where people transform back into a childlike mentality.

They appear to implode into ignorance from the explosion of knowledge which preceded the transformation...the decades of inflation of life prior to the collapse into deflation or death.

the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

From 2008 till now has been an implosion into ignorance.

But the accelerated collapse began in 2000 when the new economy summer ended.

1971 to 2001 was the beginning and end of the new economy lie followed by the war on terror (Truth) lie.

The positive phase is the beginning and the negative phase is the end.

Birth life death....1, 0, and  -1.

2001 to 2008 was the beginning of fall.

and we are entering the end of fall.

The peak of this hyperinflationary wave was 1981.

since then the USA and world has been collapsing into hyperdeflation.

That is what the power source has been since 1981.

longing/buying of bonds to the absolute zero yield point....1981 was the beginning...2001 was the middle or zero point and that makes 2021 the end point.

Following the shorting/seeling of bonds at the end of the WW2 lie...until 1981

That was positive at the start for the losers or axis that thought they were going to win and negative for the winners or allies that thought they were going to lose.

Until the polarity shift or turning of the tables.

that is what electromagnetic polarity differentials are like.

A coin flip from heads or positive to tails or negative.

Billions of processors flipping bitcoins billions of times a second....calculating the result of the dice rolls.

The bitcoins you can not see and do not even know exist that supply power to sustain the bitcoins you do know about...the invisible order behind the visible chaos.

That you can demodulate from digital invisibility into modulated analog visibility.

To gain friends and influence monkeys.

You need electronic devices to sustain the fantasy of something from nothing.

Just chase the monkey chow.

Do not attempt to figure out where monkey chow comes from...Don't bother to figure out what the source of power that sustains monekey chow is or how that power flows...

You can not hide your three crying eyes from me.

QQQ is a pea brain...and will always be a pea brain...because of the constant positive reinforcement.

There are the rich morons or liberals

And the poor morons or conservatives.

Because according to the current theory of thermodynamics.

Hot or rich is the supply of power to the cold or poor which is the demand for power.

But the poor or cold became colder by supplying the cold with heat to make them hotter.
real power...

Their life to sustain the life of others who use the power to create fake power or money to pay the cold back just enough to keep them coming back for more enough warmth to keep them from freezing to death.

The virtuous circle that turns into a vicious cycle when the supply of power from the poor or cold to sustain the rich or hot runs out.

When my love or warmth runs out.

Since 2001 it has where I begin to cut you all off...since you demand more and more love in return for contempt more and more contempt...

exponentially now...This blow off stage always shows up close to the tops...The height of your demands for what you foolishly think you are entitled to...It's sickening what a bunch of ignorant fuck heads you all are.

Well I have been cutting you off exponentially to avoid being annihilated by your demands for love.

When we hit the singularity.

That will be absolute zero.

Judgement day.

The probability that a lie can defeat Truth = 0% or absolutely NO...defeat.

The probability that Truth can defeat a lie = 100% or absolutely YES...victory.

That is the point where it becomes impossible to supply your demands for love no matter how hard I try...Like imagine jumping into a wood chipper will supply you with a nanosecond of love.

Even if I committed suicide because I  loved you...It would only allow your demands to be supplied for a nanosecond.

QQQ and Bill Gross and Lee and all the rest are going to pay dearly for worshiping a lie they believed was Truth or victory.

To ultimate defeat.

Believing they were winning the whole time they were losing.

Light bulbs that think they are the power plant....Pure hilarity...LOL X 10 to the power of infinity.

I'm the source of power the light bulbs demand to light up and attempt to illuminate me as to where power comes from.

One minute they are clubbers and then they turn into baby seals to hide...

Like bible thumpers that use Jesus as a sword to kill and then as a shield to hide behind to avoid being killed.

Like wolves in sheep's clothing.

Shape shifters.

Judgement day of the worshipers of ignorance is coming.

For you all...not for me.

I exist in a constant state of judgement...

On the day you all do not want to live to see.

The tables turn.

I stop being judged.

I have been told by the people that are closest to me that I should have put my foot down before arrival at the point I'm told by the people closest to me I should have put my foot down to stop them.

Yes and If I try to stop you from trying to stop me from stopping you.

You will use all the power you have access to in order to remove me as an obstacle to what you want.

You all like to cry about the master...

But when you find yourself around me...You eventually run to Satan and beg Satan with tears streaming down your checks to save you from me.

But when the servants of the Lord of lies show up.

They find no evidence of you being worthy of the help you want...only of the help you need.

For some odd reason...But they still have to follow a basic program to maintain the graphical user interface you believe is Truth.

Of course I have to supply the input to the program in order for it to supply me with the output.

I do treat servants of the system with the power to blow my head off if I try to mind control them and fail.

Way better than wannbe servants of the master system.

The general population of weaklings...Which is what the vast majority of you all are...85% of the population in the welfare system are net consumers of power...welfare cases that are sustained by the welfare providers...the net producers of power.

That are growing weaker so quick that it is mind blowing.

Dimming and flickering light bulbs demanding more and more power...but producing less and less.

And they think I have the power they seek.

But I don't have a way to supply the light bulbs with what they want...

A solution to the liquidity trap you have been wisely powering yourselves into for 33 years now....making the best of it.

A solution other than you are going to not escape the trap you chose to fall into...that is a certainty....

If you will have to accept defeat now and if you continue to avoid trying you will be forced to accept defeat later.

Criminals have a hard time getting away with the perfect crime.

Against GOD.

It's impossible.

believing you can kill Truth with a lie.

Is not impossible...It is possible...Or the so called non believers would not Atheists and various other morons that claim that Truth does not exist.

It is possible to imagine Truth does not exist.

So possible that it is easy to believe.

As easy to believe as it is hard to not believe.

The weak force and the strong force is the same force.

The duality arises when the observer sees what they want to see.

I see what I need to see....The superposition...The Negative 1 and the Positive 1 that = 0

The force required is massive since the faster you travel...the more mass you gain...

The faster you think...the quicker you arrive at the logical conclusion...Of course all the reasonable assumptions you smash through getting there adds to the resistance...This appears as increased mass.

From the invisible cause to the effect is visible chaos.

That can be perceived to be positive.

or negative.

Such as the word NO that stops Yes from getting what It wants.

Hypertiger is real.

More real than NEO or Morpheus or Trinity.

Since I created Hypertiger in 1987.

Until you can see the invisible order behind the visible chaos

The signal hidden in the noise.

That is what they do at CERN.

Cause noise and then look for the cause of the noise.

But can never seem to find it.

That is what they do with the power they foolishly think I am obligated to supply them with to sustain their existence attempting to illuminate me.

Because they have more education compared to me who is obviously an unskilled moron that has zero clue how the Universe works.

The greatest enemy you face was born the instant you were born and can be found by looking into a mirror.

If they are searching for the cause of their downfall...They will eventually arrive at the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

and be proven guilty...instead of they are pretending to be or think they are now.

Guilty of trying to defeat Truth with a lie....Making the best of the collapse of their empire of lies they worship as truth to goof off an fuck the dog.

Yes the light bulb is demanding I believe it is the source of power 60 times a second.

I refuse to believe it 60 times a second when I choose to.

The rest of the time I just pretend to believe rich people are the source of power that poor people made poor by the wannbe rich people to become and sustain their existence are the source of power.

Since they cherish this delusion and it hurts their feelings when you ram a needle up their ass and pop the bubble between their ears.

It causes pain to voodoo economic dolls.

economic actors

digital electronic computerized game playing drones.

In the Matrix...the real one that is absolute zero.

Or game over.

Standing your ground against real matrix agents is easy when you were employed as one for a brief period of time.

You all are all push overs.

The bigger they are the harder they fall.

The dominos are falling...Just because you are ignorant of this fact...Does not mean it is not a fact.

Until what? become knowledgeable of this fact...I'm already knowledgeable of the fact you are ignorant of...and knowledgeable of the fact you are ignorant.

Opinion is based on a French word...the opposite or antonym of which is fact.

You do worship ignorance as bliss.

Until you choose to stop or are forced to stop.

Like a wise bug following the facts to the zapper....The logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

Or the wise dogs and cats that realize the facts and make the best of it...licking up antifreeze with glee.

Face the facts...the only way you can win your argument against me is to kill me.

You are a light bulb...I'm the power plant.

You need to kill me and replace me with a more obedient source of power...a more obedient worshiper of the ground you walk upon.

But the cruel joke is on you.

There is no replacement for me...The days of me supplying unconditional love are over...and all the replacements are even weaker...the clones or copies...are degrading.

You ass draggers are killing yourselves by worshiping ass dragging as the path of salvation.

So get prepared to watch all the poor unfortunate innocent civilians including yourself that have worshiped ignorance as the path to salvation...Die in front of your eyes faster and faster in mass numbers.

The blood is not on my hands...It's on yours morons...I have done all I can during my existence to supply your demands for more and more power...and game over is close.

I've slaved until my hands cracked and bled supplying power to the welfare system that takes care of you all...You all run in terror from work...You think going to University and getting trained to be an over compensated dog fucker/leg humper was hard work?

Your ability to attempt to force feed me antifreeze is powered by me moron...that is a fact...You can not face...The reality that blows your fantasy religion out of the water...

You power nothing except the cherished delusions I refuse to supply you with power to sustain that you believe I'm obligated to supply power to...I can not supply the power you seek if it does not exist...moron.

You come here seeking support for or to promote your cherished delusions...that is what the vast majority of you all are pursuing...more and more power to positively reinforce your ignorance.

You can stop trying to convince me you are a worshiper of ignorance that thinks they have a clue any time or continue until you are forced to stop.

Choose to stop chopping down trees faster than they regrow and accept defeat and collapse.

Or choose to continue chopping down trees faster than they regrow until they run out and accept defeat an collapse.

Options or solutions to the take more power than you give equation to sustain your pathetic ignorant existence.

Choose to stop taking more power than you give before the power supply is exhausted and collapse to oblivion now.


Choose to continue taking more power than you give until the power supply is exhausted and you are forced to collapse to oblivion later.

Now or Sooner in relation to Later you will collapse to oblivion...Your empire of lies you demand I supply power to sustain masquerading as going to collapse...It's inevitable.

You will always collapse...

I have already won...You continue to attempt to win a battle you lost before you were born.

The strong force and the weak force.

You do not know your asshole from a hole in the ground...that is a fact.

If I was to actually attempt to lay it on thicker and thicker....make you all pay dearly for attempting to force me to lick up the antifreeze.

I would collapse the global mass cherished delusion you all worship like fools.

prematurely....The displacement would kill billions of you all.

But because you knuckle dragging morons are gradually powering the algorithm to the logical conclusion whether I live or or not...I do not have to do anything except sit back and watch you all die in a fit of agony.

If 90%+ of you vanished...the remaining resources combined with the available technology would last for 1000 years.

Since 2008...the tipping point was reached...and the resources to supply your demands for what you want which is more than you not exist...Kiss the olden days goodbye.

The olden days exist as figments of your imaginations now...

All that exists currently is what you need.

And after listing to infants masquerading as adults bawling for decades and decades...That is not good enough.

You ignorant selfish inconsiderate assholes are never satisfied.

Sorry but for impossible to be eliminated requires infinite power.

Which is impossible to obtain since it is what powers impossible.

But according to the mindless followers of the opinion they claim is fact and demand me to worship along with the rest of the wise assholes making the best of it.

There is not anything impossible if you put your mind to it.

And if at first you do not succeed try try again.

You have never in all recorded history been proven victorious or right in the the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

There is never a lasting victory over lies while the war against Truth has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

At the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption you are going to be victorious.

You are defeated.

At the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption you are right.

you are proven wrong.

At the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption you are irresponsible.

You are proven responsible.

At the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption you are innocent.

You are proven guilty.

It's already over with you and Lee and the rest of you all.

Interacting with any of you more than I do is a net loss of power....working day in and day out to supply your crusade to nowhere...Is a waste of everything.

Because you all are net consumers of power....You produce fuck dick all except noise.

85% of the population of the so called rich or first world economies are net consumers of power and they are all starving.

I'm a welfare are a welfare case...Virtually all the University/collage graduates are.

most of the high school graduates are as well...but according to the rules of the pathetic game of worshiping ignorance you all are playing...I have to put up with all you ignorant welfare cases.

Since you have safety in numbers and I was born into the pathetic game you all are playing.

You are living in a fantasy construct that is powered by reality which you know very little or nothing about.

What you claim are facts are only opinions.

false facts.


All empires always collapse.

All fantasies you believe are reality collapse.

All lies you believe are Truth always collapse.

All good things come to an end....because they just appeared to be Good.

Like the wise dogs and cats find out after making the best of pools of antifreeze to lick up.

They have about as much of a clue as to what is annihilating them as you all do...which is none as far as I can tell...and there is all of recorded history to back up my claims.

A foot ramming down to crush you like the ants you are.

a hammer screaming down to smite the wise ones making the best of it standing on the anvil.

You are beyond have a mental problem coming here over and over again trying to convince me you are not suffering from a mental problem.

I already have given you way more than the time of day.

Coming here to claim are sane and I'm not...That you have a clue what is going on and I don't.

I've actually worked to sustain the supply it with real power...That is converted into fake power or money that you foolishly think is real power...

I'm the magic printing press that you all are waiting to crank up and supply your demands...assholes.

I supply the power to the light bulbs that are attempting to illuminate me as to who or what is the supply of power and who or what is the demand for power.

Your worthless opinions were created and existed before you were created out of thin air and born.

Known to be lies before you were trained/socially engineered to believe they were Truth by your master.

I never accepted the program you accepted and are following to the logical conclusion...I just took it into consideration.

Until I knew for certain if it was good or not...worth the path to salvation

It is at the start...It is a good idea to take more power than you give because it is pretty hard to chop down one tree as fast as or slower than it regrows.

But eventually you have to stop taking more power than you give and change to sharing power as equally as possible or you will run out of trees...

Switch from DC to AC...Switch to chopping down trees as fast as or slower than they regrow.

Switch to sharing power as equally as possible with all and everything to sustain continued existence from taking more power than you give from all and everything to sustain continued existence.

That is wisdom.

and if you do not choose to switch at some will be forced to switch...and that is why you always collapse...and fail...over and over again and again.

You are not wise at all...You are as fucking stupid as bacteria in a petri dish...Like all the rest of the worshipers of ignorance for all of the recorded history of lies (ignorance) you worship as Truth. (knowledge)

I'm doing charity work with you...that is a fact...The belief that all of you support my existence is laughable.

The belief that a central banker has magic powers to dictate the yield of the power from me or supply of yield that the light bulbs are taxing from me and demand to sustain their brightness is ludicrous.

Only complete and utter ignorant morons can fall for the lies you all expect me to believe are Truth to prove to you I'm wise like you.

You can lick up the antifreeze (tasty lies you believe are Truth) all you want and claim I'm insane for not thinking that to be sane and joining the wise and making the best of it.

You have free will...

You chose to enslave yourselves to lies and delusions as the path to salvation.

The penalty or ultimate price of that choice is always death.

Always collapse....following the expansion...the positive phase of the tasty lie all the wise dogs and cats lick up with glee making the best of it...absolutely capitalizing upon.

The empire of ignorance that thinks it is knowledgeable rises up and then dies in a fit of exquisite agony.

Thanks for showing up to plant Earth

Watching you all collapse and die is getting more boring than watching paint dry.

Please tell me how to make the best of the worst of you that continually insult me by claiming to be the best of you.

Continually lying to me and then demanding I believe the lies you tell me are Truth...or face annihilation.

The progression of the tyrant is always.


Please supply the demand for what is wanted or else be annihilated.

Sorry morons but your ignorant mindless demands for power became greater than the supply back in 2008...and that is after 7 decades of hyperinflation of your demands...or boom

Past the tipping point...and now all the hyperdeflation you created and create to power your hyperinflation to 2008

Is taking over...into the bust...the bursting of the serenity bubble you have existed in your entire lives.

Make the best of dying in a fit of agony oh glorious wise ones...Masterful geniuses of geniuses.

I will make the best of watching the followers of the lies of the wise elders of crime turn to dust and collapse and blow away into the mists of space and time.

What am I supposed to do?

Agree you have a clue or know something that I don't?

As soon as you supply me with something new to prove you have a clue other than your usual monkey mind drivel...You have none.

I'm watching...Every waking nanosecond...for evidence you have a clue.

When I obtain the evidence that you have a clue...You will be the first I supply the good news to.

That is certain.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Forget privacy...

The visible chaos at my location has increased to the point where I have to spend most of my time attempting to order it...While the cause is invisible and the effect all around me does not want to become ordered.

There is the correct path and the incorrect path...But the incorrect path does have a positive result but it also has a negative result that is greater than the positive result...But we will just think positive and ignore negative...and follow the incorrect path...At least that is what everyone is trying to do....There are winners and losers...and the losers are increasing faster than the winners...lights are going out to supply the demand of the lights that want to shine brighter and brighter...Which is what all the lights want to do...But the system is running out of power to make dreams come true.

1941 was where the owners of the system or those that know...began buying the USA like mad...2008 is where they began to get out...Or be wiped out due to lack of supply or power...yield...since 2009 the corporations have been buying back stocks to cut supply in relation to demand to keep the markets from collapsing...To keep the indexes green to fool (so far so good) the masses into thinking that there was/is a recovery.

A nightmare (that is what I call is negative in relation to a daydream which is positive) has been unfolding since 2008...It’s official...That was where chopping down trees faster than they regrew from the forest of  Bretton woods reached the maximum potential and it’s been really collapsing to oblivion since then...1971 was just a rule change ultimately with a pile of associated changes and alterations ...that was preplanned and known about prior to reaching 1971...On 15 August 1971, the United States unilaterally terminated convertibility of the US$ to gold....Which had been being plundered from the USA since Gold mines began supplying the demand of the global trade system for GOLD. 


1941 to 1971 was spring...with Bretton woods the new agreement on global trade in 1944...


1971 to 2001 was summer...The new economy...When the NASDAQ began trading on February 8, 1971, it was the world's first electronic stock market. 

And world trade centers rose up...

"The topping out ceremony of 1 WTC (North Tower) took place on December 23, 1970, while 2 WTC's ceremony (South Tower) occurred later on July 19, 1971"

1981 was the peak of the summer and the beginning of the collapse into fall which was 2000 where the new economy hit the singularity and collapsed into 2001 along with the world trade centers on 911...The end of summer.


2001 to 2008 was Indian summer...where global warming turned into climate change during the fall which began in 2001...


2001 to 2008 was the battle between summer and winter at the beginning of fall...and 2008 to now was the battle between winter and summer that will have winter winning when the fall ends.


So spring is 30 years...followed by summer of 30 years...and if the fall is 30 years...we are 13 years into it...but collapses are violent not gradual...the solar cycle has been growing weaker since 1960...this current one is the weakest in 100 years...It was solar maximum there is a dip down into 2014 and then a rise up into 2016...and then we collapse down to 2020 which is the trough...that is where fall will end...and winter will begin...Where you invest into planting crops...but will get no yield...The liquidity trap that the USA along with the rest of the world has been falling into since 1981.

A trap that no economist on Earth seems to point out...That they all earned a living free will falling into.

1492...The official discovery of the NEW WORLD...That is where generation A is...Generation X was 1961 to 1981...Y was 1981 to 2001...Z is 2001 to 2021.


Or the royal exchange and the oldest stock market in the USA and the second oldest In the USA all traced to coffee houses...and winner take all schemes.

The cause is the demand for more power out than you supply into the exchange for mutual benefit.

The system is eating you all to supply the demand of your hunger for more power.

Positive or yes the supply of your want of victory...not defeat...Which is creating the negatives...Not enough Love into the system to supply the Love back.

The yield starvation has spread throughout the global system...and it began decades ago.

But it is obvious now...the solution...Is to stock up like mad...and figure out a way to reduce your cost to float around in the system to the maximize your savings...1's and 0's on hard disk platters...This is as fragile as it gets...Actual money printing works if you pay the workers to make it work...that is easy if it does work.

One of the coffee houses


Winter take all in the end...or deflation...Unless you account for it...and make it to the other side of that recurring black hole that is hard to avoid...The banking system on the other hand...Is by design...A program to follow to the logical conclusion....Which is the singularity at the core of the banking algorithm....Which is ultimately a race to absolute zero...and beyond...Banks turn to powder and blow away in the wind...After sucking everything including light in...That is the yield starvation spreading out into the system...the demand for yield has become greater than the supply...all of you are the means of production and the means of consumption...The secret or law of attraction is powered by chopping down trees faster than they regrow to supply the demand by the fire of serenity to sustain existence.

When the trees run out...So does the kindling from the forest of Bretton woods...Yes and the log charts run out of logs.

The power of positive thinking does have a limit so does the power of negative thinking.

Combined there is zero or balance...But there is massive imbalances showing up.

there has been no recovery back to pre 2008 levels...sorry.

from 1944 and the implementation of Bretton woods and 2008.

The population of the USA...the slaves...were inflating the money supply of the USA by around 7.8% per year.

the primary engine of this was new home construction.

in 2005 the real estate boom that began in 1991...ended.

and from there till 2008 the yield from the slave population of the USA collapsed to less than nothing,

meaning you invest a dollar into a US slave...and get less than a dollar back = US slaves transformed from fundable assets...into unfundable liabilities.

Lehman's was a controlled demolition along with the installation of Obama.

The FED QE started out at 80 Billion a 2009.

But prior to 2009...It was the population of the USA that supplied all the inflation of the money supply.

1983 to 1984...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 80 Billion dollars per month.

That is how far you have to go back in time to find out were the US population was supplying the demand for yield.

fast forward to the future.

In 1999 to 2000...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 147 Billion dollars per month.

2000-2001...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 181 Billion dollars per month.

2001-2002...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 251 Billion dollars per month.

2002-2003...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 281 Billion dollars per month.

The FED is not doing any of this...The population is by requesting commercial banks for loans...The commercial banks do not need the Federal reserve to inflate the money supply of the USA.

All of you that rave about the FED are basically brainwashed victims that have zero clue how the system actually works.

2003-2004...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 317 Billion dollars per month.

317 Billion dollars of new money out of thin air by the population of the USA requesting commercial banks for loans or swiping credit cards...per month...increasing exponentially or "compounding" nanosecond to nanosecond.

Like I said...the vast majority of you know virtually zero about the system you were born into.

2004-2005...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 288 Billion dollars per month.

late 2005 was where the real estate boom began to collapse.

2005-2006...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 339 Billion dollars per month.

2006-2007...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 392 Billion dollars per month.

2005 to late 2007 was where the blow off happened...leading into the collapse in 2008 below.

2007-2008...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 219 Billion dollars per month.

2008-2009...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by -7 Billion dollars per month.

That is deflation of the money supply by 7 Billion dollars per month...Since the yield from the slaves of the USA became less than zero.

of course the G20 happened in late 2008 which lead to the greatest global economic intervention in history which allowed the top...or the owners of all you ignorant cover...which cause the stock and commodity markets globally to stop collapsing and begin expanding again.

2009-2010...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 31 Billion dollars per month.

Minus the QE of 85 Billion per month and the population of the USA was yielding -54 Billion dollars per month.

Without the QE and you all would not be reading this...the entire global system would have imploded to oblivion.

2010-2011...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 93 Billion dollars per month.

Minus the QE of 85 Billion per month and the population of the USA was yielding 8 Billion dollars per month.

This was the late 2010 recovery being promoted...and 13 billion dollars is not so bad per month.

You just have to go back to the 1950's to see inflation of the US money supply that low.

2011-2012...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 165 Billion dollars per month.

Minus the QE of 85 Billion per month and the population of the USA was yielding 80 Billion Dollars per month.

This is around 1980's levels.

2012-2013...The population was requesting the commercial banks to inflate the money supply by 98 Billion dollars per month.

Minus the QE of 85 Billion per month and the population of the USA was yielding 13 Billion Dollars per month.

It's collapsing again heading into 2014.

The taper is just smoke and fool you all into thinking things are getting better but they are not...they are getting worse...a classic case of the build it an they will come...the recent action in the markets was nothing more than a blow off leading into the collapse as far as I can tell.

Where does the money go?

When you request a loan from a bank...the money supply is inflated

Every bank in the world inflates the money supply when a consumer requests a loan.

and when a consumer pays down a loan...the money returns back into thin air from where it came from...but the banks of course keep the interest or profit derived from creating money out of thin air and lending it out.

most of the QE returns back into thin air...It's just a loan to keep the US and global banking system from imploding to oblivion since all of you slaves which are the source of power of yield...have transformed from fundable assets into unfundable liabilities and are basically useless.

The banks have been doing this for over 600 years....Right under all your noses for 6 centuries...

You all are totally and utterly oblivious of this....really...Flat line knuckle draggers.

You all have no idea that you are the walking dead right now with nothing but QE animating your corpses.

Your demands for power from the system have become greater than the power you all supply to the 2008...was the end of the inflationary phase of the Bretton woods lie...and the beginning of the deflationary phase of the lie...where it is revealed to you all as a the fabric of space and time are not going to be supplied this information by the trained chimps you currently worship.

you are yield starved...and this translates into the system being yield starved...and it is eating you all to supply your demands for yield to feed your starvation...

And you all are cannibalizing yourselves like animals...Human beings do not do this.

Animals do...animals that think or are pretending they are Human beings...sorry.

Oh yes and this is going on in every economic zone on the planet...It's just the USA for some odd reason has far more detailed information available than all the rest of the economic zones.

The USA is the power plant of Bretton woods and all the rest of the so called independent nation states trapped in Bretton woods are the light bulbs.

Since the USA has been collapsing to oblivion from 2008 to now...the supply of power or inflation from the USA out into the world has been getting cut off...the collapse at the bottom as they are cut off is creeping up the global hierarchy...the massive damage caused and being caused since 2008 is still hidden...but the negatives are increasing faster than the positives...and it is only a short matter of time now until you all are forced to wake up from the daydream or fantasy world you all are floating around in and into the nightmare again.

Like 2008...But way worse....all your elected chumps could help you fix a flat tire I'm sure...but fixing the economic system that has inflated to maximum potential the past 7 one on Earth can do all spent 7 decades voting your way into where you are...You are not going to vote your way out any faster.

I doubt anyone alive currently will live to see the end of the bust following the boom of the roaring 7 decades....All the economists and all the University educated people on Earth...Are morons as far as I can tell...totally oblivious...Just playing games with you and each other for fun and profit...The paradox of Grift.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Death wishes everywhere demanding to be supplied.

There is no such thing as non capitalism.

All and everything in the Universe capitalizes on Truth to sustain the existence of all and everything in the Universe.

That is for the Atheists or non believers.

All and everything in the Universe capitalizes on GOD to sustain the existence of all and everything in the Universe.

That is for the non Atheists or believers.

Truth is GOD and GOD is Truth

The first lie a liar wants you to believe is Truth is that Truth does not exist or is impossible to know...the all the following lies are easier to accept.

You can stick whites where the sun does not shine.

That is why their skin is light

Blacks come from where the sun does shine and is why their skin is dark

Santa comes from the Cold Dark North.

Not from the Hot Sunny South.

There is only one race...the Human race.

Everyone is running it trying to win but are constantly losing it in the end.

Where they hack themselves to pieces trying to reacquire what they never had to begin with or what they never will.

Freedom from the tyranny of Truth

Absolute, irresponsible, ignorant, or negative capitalism takes more than it gives from all and everything to sustain existence.

The same as chopping down trees faster than they regrow to sustain existence.

It is the path of least effort that all and everything in the Universe follows to the logical conclusion...Or eternal Death

Responsible, knowledgeable, or positive capitalism shares power equally with all and everything to sustain existence.

The same as chopping down trees as fast as or slower than they regrow to sustain existence.

It is the path of most effort that Human beings follow to the logical conclusion of which there is none...Or eternal Life

Negative capitalism is anti social and employs absolute self indulgent reason to solve the problem of existence which is death in the end

Positive capitalism is social and employs responsible altruistic logic to solve the problem of existence which is life in the end.

Socialism vs Antisocialism

Truth vs Lies

Life vs death

Good vs evil

Logic vs Reason

Love vs Hate

Positive vs Negative

Yes vs No

Victory vs Defeat

Knowledge vs ignorance

Infinite and indestructible vs finite and fragile

Human need vs Animal want

Responsible altruistic logic vs Absolute or irresponsible self indulgent Reason

Social vs Anti Social

Positive Capitalism vs Negative Capitalism

Angels vs Demons

GOD vs Satan.

I can annihilate you all if you have a death wish and demand I supply it with what it needs.

It's why I save spiders that help me and kill flies that do not.

Ignorance of Truth is the root of all Evil

Ignorance of Truth is the cause of Evil.

Knowledge of Truth is the cause of Good.

Ignorance of GOD is the cause of Satan.

Knowledge of GOD is the cause of Michael.

Which is my name in real life.

HYPERTlGER is an alter ego I created back in 1987 to run around in the Matrix.

Like what Neo (New), Morpheus (God of dreams) , and Trinity (Hypostasis) have.

I created my Alter ego...

Michael knows the secret of the word of GOD.

The only way to escape defeat by me...Is to find me and annihilate my body...Which is mortal or a finite and fragile lie that takes more power than it gives to sustain its existence.

Fragile as a soap bubble or a Christmas bulb.

I know Truth.

People and human beings have no power to make or break LAW

All that people and Human beings have the power to make and break are rules and to claim rules are LAW

But if a rule attempts to break LAW

LAW will break the rule

People and Human beings have no power to create or destroy Truth

All that people and Human beings have the power to create and destroy are lies and to claim lies are Truth

But if a lie attempts to destroy Truth

Truth will destroy the lie

People and Human beings have no power to create or destroy GOD

All that people and Human beings have the power to create and destroy is Satan and to claim Satan is GOD

But if Satan attempts to destroy GOD

GOD will destroy Satan.

What is your excuse?

Judge not lest ye be judged.

Lies speculate...Truth is certain.

Maybe eventually becomes a certainty.

There is never a lasting victory over lies (ignorance/Satan) while the war against Truth (Knowledge/GOD) has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

It is impossible to defeat GOD/Truth

It is possible to defeat Satan/Lies

It is possible to pile all your bodies up into a mountain of corpses in a lake of blood.

It is impossible to stop Truth from annihilating lies that believe they are Truth.

It's why you all keep dying.

Good thing you can reproduce soldiers fighting GOD/Truth faster than they are annihilated fighting GOD/Truth.

You are as smart as bacteria. ... woods.html

See...You will never prove GOD/Truth to be wrong...and Satan/Lies right.

If you think banning/excommunicating me from posting/existing here is salvation...Then you prove me right and you wrong.

I can be eliminated but Truth is not...I'm not Truth...and shutting me down...Is not going to alter the logical conclusion.

Because I'm not an actor in a Hollywood production following a script to obtain a paycheck from a lie believed to be Truth for a job well done.

You can not ban/kill Truth.

That is your downfall.

You will never prove me wrong...It's impossible.

But like all the followers of Satan say...There is not anything impossible if you put your mind to it...and If at first you do not succeed defeating Truth with a lie...Try try again.

You love reproducing lies you believe are Truth and send them to die fighting Truth, which you hate, attempting to defeat Truth to obtain absolute power over all and everything.

That is what you have all being doing for the entire recorded history of the lie (Satan) you believe is Truth (GOD)

Santa Claus

Satan claws.

Child molestation begins when Adults tell children that Santa is real and monsters do not exist.

Why do you lie to new borns?

Answer please.

Here's a hint

You can see the singularity that is hit at Christmas...also you can see where the collapse was in 2008-2009 where you all tried to defeat GOD with a lie and were stopped...but you were not defeated...and are try try trying again.

The first hint is a close up of a year

The second is a bigger picture of many years of Lies pretending or believing they are Truth fighting Truth trying to defeat Truth and failing over and over again year after year...But thinking they are winning.

The heart beat of Satan sustained by all of you with the power of GOD you ignorantly supply to Satan to keep Satan alive to fight GOD, which you hate, attempting to defeat GOD and obtain absolute power over all and everything.

Heart Beat

The Bankers doing the false GOD's work vs Obama

The bankers vs me has me winning and them always losing.

You all are working for them to fight me...I'm not fighting you...I just point out the obvious to the oblivious.

In here you have no power to annihilate my body...Out of here you all do...You have safety in numbers...Millions and millions and billions of you all working for the false GOD...The lie you worship as Truth and cherish.

And you will fight to the death to protect what you cherish from harm

You have been trying to annihilate me since birth...That is what I know.

Accept or reject.

It does not matter to me...You all have free will...You all have the right to choose the path...But no right to escape the consequences of that choice.

I'm not Jesus...He can be crucified...easily...According to the story...disturb the peace...penalty...Death

You try to crucify me...You will be introduced to death (Truth) the destroyer of (finite and fragile) worlds. (Lies)

You all are game players...It's getting sickening year after year.

You think this thread is the only one on the world wide web of lies where you are entangled like flies ruled by the horror of babble on?

I have been online for over 20 years...I've seen this all before...Over and over and over again and again...Year after year...Like Monarch torture programing.

I was not born yesterday...But you all seem to have been...

And you all have death wishes...Like Satan...The eternal optimist.

The false GOD of the just think positive/embrace (Lies you believe are Truth) ignore negative (Truth) religion.

There is never a lasting victory over lies (you believe are Truth/Satan) while the war against Truth (GOD) has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

CERN has a statue of Shiva...the Bhagavad-Gita: Vishnu changes into his Shiva

Death the destroyer of worlds

"Don't be deceived when they tell you things are better now. Even if there's no poverty to be seen because the poverty's been hidden. Even if you ever got more wages and could afford to buy more of these new and useless goods which industries foist on you and even if it seems to you that you never had so much, that is only the slogan of those who still have much more than you. Don't be taken in when they paternally pat you on the shoulder and say that there's no inequality worth speaking of and no more reason to fight because if you believe them they will be completely in charge in their marble homes and granite banks from which they rob the people of the world under the pretence of bringing them culture. Watch out, for as soon as it pleases them they'll send you out to protect their gold in wars whose weapons, rapidly developed by servile scientists, will become more and more deadly until they can with a flick of the finger tear a million of you to pieces."--Jean Paul Marat, 18th Century French Visionary (from a play written about him)

The gradual absolute capitalist rules for revolution

1. Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial. Destroy their ruggedness.

2. Get control of all means of publicity.

3. Get people's minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and other trivialities.

4. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

5. Destroy the people's faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule and obloquy.

6. Always preach true democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.

7. By encouraging government extravagance, destroy its credit and produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.

8. Foment unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders, and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward such disorders.

9. By specious argument cause the breakdown of the old moral virtues, honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.

10. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with a view to confiscating them and leaving the populace helpless. (You do not need firearms but the right to self defence can be taken away once you are reduced mentally and physically into baby seals)

"Do not worry about your beard when you are about to lose you head"-Sun Tzu

4. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

Like Santa Claus ...a made up character. ... _algorithm

Break you all down into smaller and smaller groups or individuals...Then use the power from all of you to eliminate the negatives from the equation.

You all have been trancefomed into digital electronic computerized game players now.

Since 1971 when the New economy plan began to be implemented...also known as the controlled destruction of the USA policy...The USA has been plundered into oblivion the last 4 decades...The blow off of 200+ years of plundering to supply the demand of the global system for inflation.

2008...The USA reached maximum potential and has been visibly collapsing along with the rest of the world a controlled collapse.

Take a byte of the forbidden fruit of logic and gain awareness of 1 and 0
Of course the Quants are delusional fools that think they are the cause of absolute capitalism or the collapse...But they are only effects or products of the absolute capitalistic hierarchical food powered make work enterprise...Autonomous absolute capitalist drones (people that employ absolute self indulgent reason) chasing a paycheck.

"Creates servile sons or petulant puppies"--Carl Jung on the product of Sigmund Freud's manipulations of people's psyche...(Psyché in French) (ψυχή).is the Greek term for soul) 
Servile scientists
Working 24/7 to supply the system with the means to eliminate you all from the equation of continued existence...Oblivious that they are just a means to an end and will be eliminated when their usefulness is over...When they change from fundable assets into unfundable liabilities.

Like employees of an enterprise that goes bankrupt and all are laid off/fired.
All of you are marching to doom with glee...To the inflection point....The singularity.
Where the demand for yield hyperinflates and the supply of credit which has been hyperinflating for 70 years hyperdeflates. 
Committing suicide fighting to the death to remain asleep (ignorant) to continue to enjoy the dream (cherished delusion) you are awake. (Knowledgeable)
You all are becoming weaker and weaker to what you perceive as negative effects and are going insane trying to escape what can not be...At the singularity the fabric of space and time will unravel and chaos beyond your current abilities to dare to imagine will force you all awake from the day dream into the nightmare.
You all then will supply the master system with the reason to kill you all back to sleep to maintain/regain order and it will breakdown and then you all will die off in mass numbers from exposure to reality.
The technology you all require to sustain the illusion of strength...Is just in time...and you all are growing weaker and weaker while you imagine you are growing stronger
Cities and economic zones that are dependant upon imports from the global system are death traps.
The coastal cities are also potential death traps.

Don't cry about aliens to me...Its the recording...
It's not a non linear event if you see it beforehand...and all non linear events are linear in retrospect.
I was making web pages years before there was a web to host them on...How?
Because of time dilation.
I exist in the future and I send these messages to you in the past for you all to read which is your present from me to you.
Don not ask me what to do...This is the Internet...It allows you to connect from your dimension to my dimension.
This is all just information...
Deflation is coming.
All that you all have been doing since 1944 when Bretton woods was agreed to was postponement of the inevitable.
When you all arrive at the logical conclusion (Truth) of the reasonable assumption or lie you believe is Truth.
The cherished delusion you have embraced...It will shatter.
All of you that demand me to supply you with the exact time you are going to see what I can see...It's inevitable...You can not vote your way out any faster than you voted your way in.
"The essential claim of sophistry is that the actual logical validity of an argument is irrelevant (if not non-existent); it is only the ruling of the audience which ultimately determines whether a conclusion is considered "true" or not. By appealing to the prejudices and emotions of the judges, one can garner favorable treatment for one's side of the argument and cause a factually false position to be ruled true."--Sophistry A.K.A Democracy or Truth by Popular delusion/consensus

"We must win the war of democracy"--Vladimir Lenin

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth."--Vladimir Lenin

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.
If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”--Adolf Hitler

Presidents are selected, not elected.”--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

"It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything."--Joseph Stalin
It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

"A lie which is finite and fragile is designed to masquerade as Truth and since Truth is infinite and indestructible and never changes must mimic truth by Not changing."--Me

Below the 42 year old US real estate price bubble since 1971...It is the primary engine of inflation in the USA that powers Bretton woods that has been collapsing visibly since 2008...That can never deflate...Or a nightmare will unfold.

There will be no warning when the plug is pulled...Maximum shock and awe.
The US Census is done every 10 years...when the 1940 census was done showing what happened from 1930 to 1940...during the depression...Millions of people vanished.
During the 1933-1945 bankruptcy reorganization of the global trade system with WW2 the liquidation climax.
That set the stage for 1944 till now...10% of the global population vanished.


Friday, December 06, 2013

Maybe eventually becomes a certainty.

Bit coin mania 1929 and 2013 below 
Missing: hard drive containing Bitcoins worth £4m in Newport landfill site

This is kinda how it works.

producers use short term credit is created to obtain oil wholesale and supplied to the top...they then mark up the price and sell it to the bottom retail for long term credit created by consumers and the difference between the wholesale cost of production and the retail cost of consumption is the yield the top or owners of the credit system live off of.

in a digital electronic computerized system.

Oil is produced and consumed and modulated into electromagnetic polarity differentials on hard disk platters or units of account and then demodulated into money or a medium of exchange.

basically what is left over after the production consumption process.

lets say it's fire the end of the modulation demodulation process...You have ashes and 1's and 0's stored on hard disk platters.

What is on that hard drive is nothing...but all you all are ignorant of Truth...Or believers of lies (nothing) you think are Truth (something)

You and everyone else ignorant of Truth...think believe and have faith or imagine there is something on that hard drive...Because you all believe what is on that hard drive is Truth.

Of course if you had that hard drive and could claim the prize...You would laugh at me and think I'm an idiot.

The winners laugh and the losers cry...I'm not a loser so I'm not going to cry...It's why game players playing games I'm not playing get angry when I do not operate like I'm supposed to...It means nothing to me.

You are fooled.

I'm not because...I'm not ignorant of Truth.

There is no difference between the electricity that powers your computer and the electricity that powers the existence of the bits of information or ordered chaos that make up a bitcoin.

If you have a bitcoin...that is positive or white...yes...victory...happy...1

If you do not have a bitcoin...that is negative or

the winners laugh and the losers cry.

I watch game players...and since I am surrounded by game players...I'm forced to play to fit in...or the game players kill me.

Like Jesus...crucified for failure to play the game you all were playing.

but I'm not Jesus.

If you force me too much and demand me to play and supply your demands and will not take no for an answer...I crucify you...You force me to.

All who follow in the footsteps of Jesus...or the just think/embrace positive ignore/reject negative religion...crucify themselves.

You have death moths to the flame.

That is what the bitcoins are...the flame...and you all are moths...But of course you all play with fire better than moths.

More like children playing with matches and the people that are good at playing with fire are the rich winners who laugh their asses off at all the people that are bad at playing with fire or poor losers and burn themselves playing with fire and are crying.

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."--Master Mason and British East India Company asset...General George Washington.

Force is also an obedient slave. Choose to thank George Lucas and George Washington not me....Or hate them and spit on them not me. or me...whatever floats your X-wing.


Jesus disciple

Like chef Boy-ar-dee

A man in research and development.

I was born with the power to see the invisible order behind the visible chaos.

Of course you all have free will.

You can choose to knowledgeably use the power or force of GOD or ignorantly abuse it.

So then why do you follow the bitcoin program?

You believe bitcoins, Which are a reasonable assumption or lie you believe is Truth, is a logical conclusion or Truth.

Bit coin = false profit...

You all are following a reasonable assumption or lie to the logical conclusion of the lie or Truth.

The hyperinflationary Messiah to find out it was a false profit.

like chopping down trees faster than they regrow to power the belief or hope that the trees will never run out.

As long as there are trees to chop down to power your will be happy.

When the trees run out...the power supplied to your laughter will be cut and you will cry and be unhappy.

If I lie to you and you choose to believe the lie I tell you is truth.

That is your fault not mine.

the path of least effort is to the dark side.

the path of most effort is to the light side.

Absolute or negative capitalism is the path of least effort to the logical conclusion...or death

Taking more power than you give from all and everything.

Chopping down trees faster than they regrow to sustain existence.

Responsible or positive capitalism is the path of most resistance to the logical conclusion...or life

Sharing power equally with all and everything.

Chopping down trees as fast as or slower than they regrow to sustain existence.

The dark side or evil has an end.

The light side or good does not.

If you can not see or refuse to see...Then you are choosing to worship ignorance as bliss and knowledge as misery.

I worship knowledge as bliss and Ignorance as misery.

I have the high ground in the war against lies and you have the low ground in the war against Truth.

Of course you can find me and annihilate my body to eliminate me.

But what you are fighting against is not eliminated.

Truth is infinite and indestructible or positive...The probability that a lie or Ignorance can defeat Truth or knowledge = 0% or absolutely no or 0

Lies are finite and fragile or negative...The probability that Truth or knowledge can defeat lies or ignorance = 100% or Absolutely yes or 1

Power corrupts...Absolute power corrupts absolutely

It is why Logic is not taught...and when it is...It is not taught properly.

Because those ignorant of Truth...employ absolute self indulgent reason to solve the problem of existence.

The search for reasons/means to make mistakes and then for reasons/means to limit or attempt escape from the consequences.

You see this with Obama...Rob Ford...Steven all.

The liars rule the ignorant.

The knowledgeable rule the ignorant.

The outcome of WW2 was decided before it began.

The outcome of the bit coin (lie you believe is Truth) mania will be found at the logical conclusion (Truth) of the reasonable assumption.

Eternity is forever...You can spend forever searching for something you do not want to find if you are Truth (GOD) fearing.

But your body is mortal...All the cells in your body are taking more power than they give to sustain their existence.

Those ignorant of Truth...Use lies they believe are Truth to measure lies they believe are Truth to find lies they believe are Truth.

Measure twice...lie once

I sent this message to you in the past from the future which is your present from me to you.

There is never a lasting victory over lies (Ignorance) while the war against Truth (Knowledge) has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

More knowledge from me about ignorance

You all are entangled in threads like flies on the world wide web of lies ruled by the horror of babble on.

Fighting to the death to remain asleep (ignorant) to enjoy the dream (cherished delusion) that you are awake (knowledgeable)

In the matrix...Neo and all the rest are idiots following a lie he/they believe is Truth...A program to the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

I created Hypertiger in 1987...I'm ancient in the Matrix that you all do not even know you are in.

The libraries of the world are filled with lies believed to be Truth.

Once you know Truth...What takes people their entire lives to discover becomes known in an instant.

I do not speculate what the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption is...I know what the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption of the war between lies and Truth is.

The lifting of the veil of the wedding dress of the abyss to receive the sweet kiss of the apocalypse of bliss.

Of course beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

One mans trash (Defeat) is another mans treasure (Victory)

Good things come to those who wait.

Maybe eventually becomes a certainty

But GOD (Truth) helps those who help themselves.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Quantitative easing is not money printing.

It seems people like to fill in the blanks with reasonable assumptions which are variables and not constants unless of course you keep using the same reasonable assumptions over and over until of course you reach the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

The FEDERAL RESERVE was given the banknote issuing monopoly in 1913. Prior to that all the commercial banks in the USA issued their own banknotes.

Making the FEDERAL RESERVE the only source of US Dollar denominated banknotes in the USA that are assets of the FED and due to how the FED is set up with the US Treasury liabilities of the US Government.

The US Federal Government is obligated to support the Federal reserve banknote or it's electronic equivalent.

In 1991 in the USA was where all the economic engineering that began in 1981 set up the conditions to sustain an exponential real estate boom in the USA came to fruition.

1492 was generation A...In 1991 you had generation V, W, and X all in a position to power the real estate boom.

From 1991 to 2005 the real estate boom exponentially inflated by about 11% per year.

The primary dealers...

 "Wall Street Journal Europe (2/9/06 p. 20), all of the top ten dealers in the foreign exchange market are also primary dealers, and between them account for almost 73% of foreign exchange trading volume. Arguably, this group's members are the most influential and powerful non-governmental institutions in global financial markets. Group membership changes slowly, with the current list available from the New York Fed"

The primary dealers are at the top of the US and Global commercial banking hierarchy.

Loans they make of credit pulled from the theoretical future to spend in the current present which is the past have two components.

Principal and Interest.

The principal component is created out of thin air and is tied to an asset like a mortgage/death pledge contract which is further tied to consumer income.

Like this...I want to buy a house...I do not have $100,000 but have an income source.

I go to a bank for a loan to buy a house and the bank uses my income and the house I want to create the mortgage contract which becomes an asset.

Used to cover the creation of credit out of thin air.

A house with a retail purchase price of $100,000 + my income = the mortgage asset.

The credit which is ultimately my theoretical future income for the next 25 years is pulled from the future to the past which is the present is the liability.

This is the loan amount of my future income borrowed from the future to spend in the past which is the present.

As I make the payments back of my future income the mortgage asset shrinks and so does the liability...the principal amount of the loan deflates...Or has a half life that exponentially decays over time...

The $100,000 is created out of thin air and the credit/debt/money supply inflates....As I pay it back it exponentially decays or deflates back into thin air over the next 25 years if I just make the minimum payments.

The banks do not really care about this...They make their yield from the Interest portion of the so called loan attached to this.

And in a amortization...the Interest portion of the loan is larger at the start than at the end.

Lets say...$100,000 at 6.448% for 25 years

The payment per month will be $666

The two components at the start are.

Principal $136

Interest $530

The first payment made will shrink the supply of credit/debt/money supply by $136

The Mortgage contract will shrink to $99,864

And the bank will receive $530 profit or yield from this.

Not bad...$530 profit on credit/debt/money created out of thin air.

But close to the end 25 years later the Principal and Interest portion are reversed.

At the 300th month the principal portion is $663 and the bank obtains a profit of $3.52

The Primary dealers sit atop the US and Global banking hierarchy and due to how the Bond markets are set up use the Interest or yield or tax on credit or profit to buy bonds from the FED.

The FED is a middle man between the US Treasury and the Primary dealers who are obligated to buy US Treasuries due to the structure of the US Banking/Treasury system.

"I have completed to-day a very great thing. I have finished the National Bank Act. It will be a blessing to the country long after I am dead."--Salmon P. Chase, Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury

"Lies and delusions or lies you tell to yourself can outlive liars and the delusional."

"My agency, in promoting the passage of the National Bank Act, was the greatest mistake in my life. It has built up a monopoly which affects every interest in the country. It should be repealed, but before that can be accomplished, the people should be arrayed on one side, and the banks on the other, in a contest such as we have never seen before in this country."--Salmon P. Chase

The FED has no money to buy the bonds...

They use the bonds they are going to buy as collateral to back the inflation of the credit supply by the amount of the bonds.

To get their hands on them so the US Treasury can get their hands on the credit they demand from the total credit supply...The Federal Government borrows from the total credit supply by issuing bonds and exchanges the bonds for credit.

The FED then turns around and sells the bonds to the primary dealers which use their profits from their loan/mortgage origination.

All the credit the FED created to lend to the US Treasurey then returns back into thin air and the FED balance sheet is zeroed...

So you have the bonds dumped into the markets and the US Treasury/US Government owing the final bond holders.

The FED is just a facilitator.

The problem in 2005...was the collapse of the 1991 to 2005 real estate boom in the USA.

The supply of consumers willing and able to sign on the dotted line to sustain this magic trick.

dried up and vanished causing the banking algorithm to be starved for yield.

With no new mortgage creation the magic printing press of prosperity ran out of power.

and the primary dealers ability to buy bonds exponentially decayed until 2008 where the controlled demolition of Lehman brothers took place when the demand for yield became greater than the supply and imploded the US and global banking system.

Basically the primary dealers were supplying a zero to the demand for a 1...When they were required to supply a 1 to the demand for a 1.

So The FED has been playing a magic trick.

The primary dealers are supposed to supply a 1 but can not and keep supplying a zero.

So the FED is holding the bonds on their balance sheet and lending the primary dealers the credit they would usually obtain from selling the bonds that they were buying but can not.

To sustain their continued operation.

Of course as soon as the primary dealers do begin to be profitable again...They will buy the bonds from the FED and all the credit they supply to the FED will return back into thin air from where it came from.

If the FED did not do this...Yield rates would explode upward and implode the credit system.

But yield rates have been powered lower and lower the pat 32 years in the USA...The reason the line signers have run out is because the resources of the USA have run out.

There are no more line signers...the V,W, and X generation pool was all utilized to its maximum potential from 1991-2005...and they are all spent.

all the QE is doing is supplying enough credit to sustain the US and global banking system on borrowed time...a postponement of the inevitable collapse.

In 2008 the 1944 Bretton woods system for the first time since 1944 has show visible signs of collapse.

It was collapsing since 1944 invisibly but the expansion that was visible covered it up.

The inflation of the credit system was greater than the deflation.

Like lets say the inflation rate is 1000% and the deflation rate is 995%...the visible yield rate would be 5%

From 1944 to 2008 the credit supply of the USA was inflating exponentially by around 7.8%

On average...There is an invisible inflation rate...such as the real supply and demand that supports the fake supply and demand which appears as the visible effects you see.

the invisible order sustains the visible chaos which all see and think is Truth...It is a visible fantasy sustained by invisible reality.

In became impossible for the USA to supply the demand of the Bretton Woods to sustain it's continued existence...Bretton woods collapsed in 1971?

Proof please...I require more than you all can supply to me to prove to me that Bretton woods does not exist.

According to the original rules of Bretton woods...1944-1971...There was the Wold bank...the IMF and the US Dollar was the made the global trade medium of exchange with all the rest of the currencies of the world fixed to the US Dollar which was fixed to the price of GOLD at 35 US Dollars per ounce.

of course at some point the demand for gold from the USA by the world became greater than the supply of Gold from the USA...The gold standard is like this.

I have a gun to your head...and I demand you supply yes...and if you supply my demand I do not pull the trigger.

from 1944 to 1971 when the world demanded yes from the USA...the USA supplied Yes.

But by 1971...the USA had basically been drained of 35 Dollar per ounce GOLD..

So I say...please USA supply me with one atom of Gold...Or give me what I want or yes or 1.

and the USA did not have anymore GOLD at all...and was forced to supply no or 0.

and I pull the trigger...and are dead...that is the gold standard rules of the game.

But if that happened in 1971...the USA along with the entire global trade system would have imploded to oblivion and killed off the global population dependant upon the Bretton woods global trade system.

So the rules were changed...and instead of a fixed or static credit system utilized by the dynamic trade system...The fixed system was changed into a broken or dynamic system.

Bretton woods was broken from square one...It just took until 1971 for this invisible reality hidden by the visible fantasy to be revealed when the fantasy could no longer be supplied with the demand for power it required to sustain its visibility in front of the invisible reality.

Like a pole shift...a flip where the invisible reality or Truth becomes visible and the visible fantasy or lie becomes invisible.

All that happened in 1971 was a rule change to sustain the postponement of arrival at the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption of Bretton woods.

The lie all believe is Truth that all in the global trade system depend upon to supply their demands.

You all are the supply to and the demand of the system.

in 2008 the Bretton woods system began reaching the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

the lie all believe is Truth...began visibly collapsing...the fantasy was replaced with reality.

The purpose of the QE is to keep the credit system from imploding to oblivion in the blink of an eye.

Since that is what it needs to do...but of course all in the system do not want that to happen.

where there is a will there is a way.


Where there is a way and a will...there is a way to survive.

Its basically all just a computerized video game now...but limited...Since the reason the Bretton woods global trade system is visibly collapsing is because the demand by all of you globally upon it since 2008 has been greater than what you all globally can supply.

And the beast is yield starved...and is slowly consuming you all.

From the bottom to the top...and there is no way to stop this process...just slow it down...which is what has been going on since 2008...just a further postponement of arrival at the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption.

The lie you all believe is Truth is fighting against Truth.

The collapse in the inflation of the credit system is the visible evidence that the lie all believe is Truth is collapsing.

Because you all are demanding more power from the lie than you all are supplying to it to sustain it.

without the QE...the world would have imploded to oblivion by now and there would be no Internet.

all the servers and data centers would have been wiped out by the massive hyperdeflationary potential which the current hyperinflation is fighting against.

The key problem is the source of inflation and deflation are the same.

The inflation you see is sustained by the deflation you do no see or are not aware of.

The visible dictates what you all believe is going on...The invisible dictates the visible.

The net producers of power...the uneducated slaves at the bottom of the hierarchy that the educated slaves or servants of the master system at the top claim are the demand for power...are the supply of real power to the master system...and they are almost spent.

It's why yield rates in the USA and world have been dropping for 32 years now to the absolute zero point.

While the educated net consumers of power at the top are the demand for the real power from the net producers.

The real power is then used to create fake power...Or money/debt credit.

its kind of like this.

A net producer supplies the demand of the top for real power.

Lets say $100 of real power and it is used to create $100 of fake power by the net consumers of power.

and the top supplies the demand of the bottom for compensation.

Of $1 of fake power in exchange for $100 of real power.

 the poor slave gets 1$ and the rich master gets $99

The net producers of real power are the fractional reserve or supply to the demand of the net consumers of fake power.

The net producers power the continued existence of the net consumers of power.

The plain and simple fact is the global system has reached maximum potential expansion and the net consumers of inflation are demanding more from the net producers of inflation and the result is the collapse of Bretton woods that has been in progress since 2008...that is a controlled collapse.

all your speculations are just the visible noise by all of you that are yield starved as you are being cut off that is hiding the signal that is cutting you off...which ultimately is all of you.

you all are ignorant of the knowledge of your responsibility since you all think you are irresponsible.

you have been socially engineered to believe the FED is the cause of the effects...but the FED is just an effect of the cause...which is all of the slaves in the master system that supply the demand of the master for power or tribute that is then used by the master to create the servant all of you slave for


This is how monetary/credit systems have operated for all of recorded history as far back as you can look in recorded history.

The 100% of the slaves in the master system supply the demand of the master with power and then the demand of the slaves is supplied.

Those at the bottom in the mud brick pits get the minimum wage to supply the demand of the maximum wages at the top.

When the demand from the net consumers of power or the light bulbs becomes greater than the supply from the net producers of power or the power plant...The enlightenment ends and the dark ages begin.

That is what the recorded history of the lie all believe is Truth shows.

Bit coin 1929 and 2013